Cute girls dating ugly guys

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"If someone doesn't think you're hot, the next best thing for them to think is that you're ugly." That's what your buddies at Ok Cupid have deduced after some conducting research on how female attractiveness affects ladies' success at online dating.So in other words, the more dudes think you're ugly, the better your chances are at scoring a date. You can check out Ok Cupid's complete report for more possible explanations as to why you're still single.

I’ve had months where I’ve had genuine confidence too.

But at the end of the day I’m an ugly dude & people probably find me intimidating cause I’m black. This helps, but the biggest improvement to their self-esteem is that they do eventually get dates. I help them, and demonstrate, hot to approach dozens , hundreds of women until they get a phone number, or a kiss, or a lay.

I really just came here to vent more than anything tbh, might give up and turn asexual. A young guy figures he’s too ugly, and black, to attract the women he desires. And wow, these dudes don’t feel so ugly after that. There are ways to cosmetically fix these, or you can take the other route: Stop focusing on what you can’t, or are unwilling to change.

So I said, “But, I put on underwear today.”She lol’d, and agreed to the meet, and I banged her. Especially language that coveys a little bit of, “Push.” Not all pull, like, “I really think you’re beautiful.

I would do anything to have a date with you.”Gross.“But, I put on underwear today.”What does the above statement say about me?

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