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Born in Greer, South Carolina in 1928, the oldest child of working-class parents, Julian Mayfield lived a varied career as a novelist, playwright, actor, journalist and critic, aide to two heads of state, and educator and writer-in-residence at several colleges and universities.He grew up and attended the segregated public schools in Washington, D.Pocket Books signed for paperback distribution in November 1957.Karamu House in Cleveland offered to work the novel into a musical play, but Vanguard declined in favor of a hoped-for Broadway contract.Moving to New York after his first year at Lincoln University, Mayfield did an apprenticeship in the theater while doing odd jobs to sustain himself.His first appearance on the stage was in the 1949 Blackfriar's Guild production of by the white South African writer Alan Paton.Although he claimed only a rank and file membership in the Party, Mayfield's status was more that of a minor celebrity, in light of his work as a writer and producer in the theater and his performance in He resigned his chairmanship of the CNA Writers' Workshop in 1954, citing “petty gossip and personal malice” against him, and alluded to having left the Party after the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956.That same year he met and married a young Puerto Rican activist and physician, Dr. The couple moved to Puerto Rico where Mayfield worked for the next three years as an announcer and newscaster for the island's first English-language radio station, WHOA, and as an editor and critic for the He also wrote two television dramas which were translated and broadcast over local television.

The young Mayfield graduated from the renown Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School in 1946. Army and did a tour of duty in the Philippines and in Hawaii.He excelled in oratory and dramatics and was the winner of the American Legion Historical Contest award, the year of his graduation. Returning to civilian life after a medical discharge in 1947, he continued his education at Lincoln University and later at the Jefferson School of Social Science in New York (1951-1954).He also spent several years studying acting and drama at the Paul Mann Actors Workshop, one of New York's leading theater schools in the 1950s.There, the author became part of a collective search for identity among New York's black intellectuals, spurred in part by the wave of independence among African countries.His landmark paper “Into the Mainstream and Oblivion” was delivered at the First Conference of Negro Writers organized by the American Society for African Culture (AMSAC) in 1959, and was published in an AMSAC compilation, (1960), and in several anthologies.

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